Union Papertech – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

Union Papertech are actively and continuously monitoring the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, in line with local and national authorities and public health advice and WHO guidelines, and our policies reflect those of the country authority in which our facilities are based.

In terms of Union Papertech papers, the main constituent parts are wood pulps, Abaca/Rayon fibres and thermoplastics/bioplastics. In terms of risk to supply chain, due to COVID-19, there is little risk to thermoplastics and bioplastics, due to European and USA based facilities and supply chain. Our wood pulps are dual supplied from facilities both within Europe, along with stock held in the UK. Due to geographical constraints of the abaca plantations, this presents a potential risk due to supply from Asia, albeit there are no issues to report currently. In support of abaca, we hold approximately 2 months of stock currently should an issue be communicated. As ever, we have the ability to switch to a Rayon based grade should the industry suffer an abaca crisis for whatever reason. To clarify further, Rayon is sourced from European sites.

In terms of any contamination risk from our product, our paper is sterilized in the manufacturing process and is handled in food safe conditions so as to ensure it is hygienically packaged and arrives with customers in a microbially inert state.

The final risk is personnel, to which we have issued a company brief to allow any staff who contract the virus to self isolate. We have also issued new guidance on hygiene procedures with increased sanitization stations around the facility.

If there are any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Law (claw@upapertech.com) or Sam Cropper (scropper@upapertech.com) in the first instance.