Is your abaca paper more expensive? We can help!

Many tea bags and coffee pods/pads in the hot beverage industry are produced using paper manufactured from abaca fibres and wood pulp, meaning some of the market is still dependent on abaca plants to produce their product.

What is abaca?

Abaca is a natural fibre, used in traditional filter paper manufacturing. The majority of the world’s abaca supply is located in the Philippines, where the tropical climate is ideal for the crops to grow. However, due to the geographical location, abaca plantations are left vulnerable to extreme weather conditions like typhoons; meaning the key raw material in your paper is highly susceptible to supply disruption.

When an abaca plantation is destroyed, this can lead to shortages resulting in supply disruption and potential downtime at your facility. On top of this possible disturbance to production, prices are likely to rise and the quality of the abaca fibre may decrease, as the crops are sometimes rushed due to high demand – meaning you could be paying more for your paper, which may have even more defects!

Volatile pricing, unreliable supply chain, factory downtime and an inconsistent product can be difficult to manage for any business. If you’re worried about suffering from the risks of abaca, don’t worry anymore because we can help!

What is the solution to your abaca woes?

Union Papertech are the experts in producing abaca-free papers, we do this by using a fibre called rayon to deliver the market leading quality paper that we’re known for.

Rayon is a fibre derived from wood cellulose, and due to how it’s produced; boasts a secure supply chain meaning minimised downtime for your facility. Additionally, the universal quality of rayon leads to reduced rejection rates; finally – and most importantly – because of the reliable supply chain, rayon pricing is insulated against volatile price increases.

Our rayon paper is seamlessly interchangeable with your abaca papers on all conversion machines (both tea and coffee) with no impact on taste or brewing.

Customers using Union Papertech’s rayon papers have mitigated the risk to their supply chain, saved themselves from unexpected price increases; and are guaranteed to receive excellent customer service to boot.

If you’re interested in reducing the risk for your business or have any questions regarding the fibres we use, please get in touch!