Keeping our paper top qualitea!

Here at Union Papertech, we pride ourselves on the quality of our paper. That’s why it’s crucial to us that all of our products undergo vigorous testing, to make sure you get the best quality brew, every time!

So what do we look out for when making our paper?


Consumer safety is our number one priority. Paper is made from a combination of elements that travel for thousands of miles before going through various processes to end up in your kitchen. This is why we use top of the range technology to do multiple, in depth tests of our paper for any errors, impurities or foreign objects, ensuring it’s safe for the public.


Our paper has to be strong to make sure it can withstand the conditions of making a brew. Tea bags and coffee pods have to survive being packed together over long journeys, thrown around and dropped, placed in boiling water or pressure blasted through them and sometimes even being pressed with a spoon. The last thing me or you want is to take a sip of tea or coffee and end up with a mouth full of leaves or coffee grains!

We test the strength of our paper by pulling it apart on special machines, pushing the paper to its limits and recording the results.

Brewing / Infusion

To make a good cup of tea, the paper has to allow the water to travel though it and mix with the tea leaves. If the water could not pass though the bag, you’d simply be left with a cup of hot water, a wet bag and a rather rubbish cup of tea. When creating our paper, we make sure that the tiny holes are big enough for the water to pass though but not the leaves, making a perfect cuppa.


When you taste your cup of tea, you want it to taste of tea and not paper. Union Papertech makes sure that our paper doesn’t leave any taste behind in the cup, other than the taste of the tea or coffee inside.


Union Papertech hold a wide variety of certificates for numerous standards, such as ISO (International standard for quality management) , BRC (global standard for food safety) as well as Kosher and Halal accreditations.


To help tackle the issue of plastic waste in the U.K. Union Papertech have developed a new line of paper known as Puri Seal Green, 100% biodegradable heat-sealable filter paper. Puri Seal Green has undergone professional testing and is certified to the European composability standard as well as using certified GMO free polymer! You can place Puri Seal Green in your home composting bin where it will disintegrate and compost over time; alternatively you can put it in your home food waste bin for it to be taken to an industrial composting facility and turned into compost. Reducing plastic pollution and moving towards a more environmentally future!

For more information about our paper, feel free to contact us at sales@upapertech.com