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Privacy Policy

All businesses within the Purico family of companies (“group”) collect, retain and process personal data for lawful purposes including legitimate business interests and the performance of contracts. We take the privacy of personal information seriously.

Personal data obtained solely for the marketing of our products and services to individuals (“marketing data”) is retained and processed only with their consent. Individuals may withdraw consent to the holding of marketing data relating to themselves and marketing emails contain an unsubscribe facility. We do not share our mailing lists with businesses outside the group and we take the privacy of our customers and prospective customers seriously.

Personal data relating to group employees is collected, retained and processed for the purposes of our legitimate business interests and the performance of contracts and employment.

Personal data regarding customers and suppliers is collected, retained and processed for the purposes of our legitimate business interests and the performance of contracts.

Personal data (including marketing data) may be transferred in connection with the sale or proposed sale of a company or business within the group to the buyer or prospective buyer.

Legitimate business interests include but are not limited to the following purposes: Accounting, taxation, audit, regulatory functions, marketing to corporate bodies and businesses, making and defending legal claims, payroll and personnel, employee appointments, the communication with others, group record keeping purposes, business transactions, the prevention and detection of crime and other illegality and the identification of offenders, the purchase, sale and mortgage of property, the proving of title to property, the recording of our contractual obligations and entitlements and the general purposes of our businesses. Data is held for as long as we think necessary having regard to the purposes for which is it held.

Information relating to the health, welfare, capacity and medical treatment of residents or potential residents in our care homes is held for the above purposes and also for the provision and management of social care facilities.

Emails and correspondence may be copied to others in our legitimate business interest and for the purpose of performing contracts. Correspondents should consider whether they wish to minimise the personal data in communications.

Individuals may request us to provide access to their personal data, to correct it, to erase it or to refrain from processing it. Requests will be addressed in accordance with all relevant legislation.

The group has businesses or representation in a number of countries including the UK, Germany, China, Mexico, the USA, Indonesia and the Isle of Man. We have customers, suppliers and relationships in many countries throughout the world. Data may be transferred outside of the EU for any of the purposes specified in this policy.

For further information, please liaise with your contact within the group. Aggrieved persons may raise issues with the Information Commissioner’s Office, which is the UK’s independent authority, set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.