Surprising products that use our paper

Most people know Union Papertech as being the market innovators and the U.K’s leading suppliers of specialist filtration paper to the tea and coffee industry. However, our expertise goes further than that.

Union Papertech manufactures filter paper for a variety of different products used all over the world, some of them being more surprising than others. So here are some of the more surprising products that are made using our paper.

Chef Hats

Believe it or not, chef hats have other purposes than making you look silly. A chef hat needs certain characteristics, all of which filter paper can fulfil. They need to be light and comfortable, strong, stand up straight, straight forward to assemble, stop hair from falling in food and be easily disposable for hygienic reasons. Union Papertech supply filter paper used to make chef hats to customers all over the world.

Whitening Bags

A whitening bag is a sachet of whitening powder that is placed in your washing machine to make your clothes come out whiter. When the washing machine is spinning around, the water runs through the filter paper which holds the whitening powder, allowing the powder to dissolve and spread through the clothes.  Our paper makes great filter bags, as it is strong but flexible and allows water to run through it smoothly.

 Descaling Sachets

Descaling sachets are used to clean a variety of home appliances such as kettles, washing machines and dishwashers. For example, the water we use from our taps contains various minerals such as calcium. When this water is boiled in a kettle, for example, it can sometimes leave the calcium behind which slowly over time causes a build up of limescale, damaging the kettle.  Descaling sachets work by placing them in your kettle and leaving there. The filter paper has to withstand extreme temperatures as boiling water then passes through the sachet. The substance inside the sachet spreads around the kettle, removing the limescale, before the sachet can be taken out and disposed of accordingly.

Food Packaging

Previously our paper has been used for “boil in a bag” products such a the Knodel potato pouches you can see in the opening image. These products typically come in a plastic or porous paper bag and are used to conveniently boil food without additional kitchen utilities. As Union Papertech creates bespoke filter paper, we have engineered papers that were thick enough to hold solid food without ripping or tearing as well as allowing the boiling water to pass through.

If you’re working on a project that requires specially designed paper, no matter how weird or wonderful, feel free to get in touch.